Towboat Service

Start your adventure with tow service on selected lakes, helping you get into the wilderness quicker and easier. We own and operate our own tow boats. This allows us to provide on-time service like you expect.
Canoe BWCA and contact us today to set an appointment for your one-way or round trip service.

Canoe BWCA
Destination (one-way)W/ Outfitting or Canoe Rental:With No Outfitting or Canoe Rental: Up to 14 group size
Moose Lake to:

  • Ensign/Splash Portage

  • Birch Lake Portage

$30.00add $5/person
Prairie Portage: Us or Canada$30.00add $5/person
All Points on Basswood including:

  • Washington Island

  • Back Bay

$85.00 + Portage Feesadd $5/person
Snowbank - Boot Portage$30.00add $5/person
Burntside - Crab Portage$30.00add $5/person