SPOT GPS Messenger

SPOT GPS Messenger

A SPOT Messenger provides a method to communicate with friends, family and Spirit of the Wilderness Outfitters when you want it, and for emergency help when you need it. SPOT uses satellite technology and works anywhere, with the push of a button.
You can check-in to indicate you are OK, allow tracking of your progress, or signal for emergency assistance.

SPOT Rental includes:

  • SPOT GPS Messenger unit
  • Programming and direction on how to use the unit
  • 24/7 messaging services
  • Fresh set of lithium AAA batteries

An extra set of lithium batteries are available in our retail store.

Call today to rent a SPOT GPS Messenger for your BWCA/Quetico Trip

SOS – used for life threatening or critical emergencies. Your SPOT will signal GEOS International Emergency Response Center when this button is pressed. Emergency services and Spirit of the Wilderness will then receive notification that you need help along with your location.

Help – if you need help in a non-life threatening situation, this function will notify your pre-programmed list of contacts and Spirit of the Wilderness that you need help.

Check-in/OK – Let your friends and family know you are doing OK. Simply press this button periodically during your trip and a message is emailed to your contacts along with your GPS location. Up to 10 pre-determined contacts and waypoint is stored in the SPOT account for later reference.

Custom Message – This allows you to send a programmed message to your list of contacts. Use this function as another Check-in/OK, changed plans update or other predetermined/programmed message.

Tracking – Send and save your route and allow your programmed list of contacts to follow your progress on Google Maps

A SPOT GPS Messenger is not a substitute for careful planning, common sense and using good map reading skills. It will provide peace of mind for you and your family and friends knowing you have a method to call for help if needed and also to let them know you are doing OK.