Entry Point Shuttle Service

We service over 30 BWCA and Quetico entry points, for your fishing trips from Crane Lake to Kawishiwi Lake, all entry points in between, Ely to Gunflint Trail locations, as well as Quetico Park; Beaverhouse and Nym.

Fishing Trips
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Shuttle Pricing

Van Shuttle Service to entry Points (one-way)With Complete Outfitting: Up to 14 group sizeWith No Outfitting, w/Canoe Rental: Up to 14 group size
Beaverhouse (Quetico)$525.00$575.00
Big Lake$55.00$75.00
Bog Lake$45.00$65.00
Crab Lake (Burntside Lake Drop-off)Free$30.00
Crane Lake$125.00$180.00
Fall LakeFree$25.00
Farm LakeFree$25.00
Hog Creek$175.00$195.00
Isabella Lake$75.00$95.00
Island River$75.00$95.00
Kawishiwi Lake$175.00$195.00
Lake OneFree$50.00
Little GabbroFree$60.00
Little Indian Sioux$75.00$95.00
Little Isabella River$40.00$60.00
Moose LakeFree$50.00
Moose River/Portage River N$70.00$90.00
Mudro LakeFree$65.00
N KawishiwiFree$30.00
Nym Lake (Quetico)$650.00$750.00
S.Kawishiwi RiverFree$60.00
Slim LakeFree$65.00
Snake River$45.00$65.00
Snowbank LakeFree$50.00
South HegmanFree$60.00
Stuart River$55.00$75.00
Trout Lake$75.00$95.00
Wood LakeFree$25.00
End of Gunflint Trail$240.00$275.00